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Does that giant statue look a bit wobbly...?
An attempt to stop an SF boss from running away!
A Stone Summit amusement park?
A Mineral Springs cave - pre-Update.
The cave's mysterious spheres...
The Dragon Glint is a bit cranky in the mornings...
The Final Assault, and the Iron Forgeman!
Vizier Khilbron raises the ship for our escape.
Nolani mission's aftermath, revealed by a server delay!
The view from Deldrimor War Camp.
Dancing at Lion's Arch - see "Dance Party" page!
A visit to Gustav the Silent, in the Crystal Desert.
"Factions" revealed - see inside!
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Ether seals on the Ring of Fire.
On the "bridge of souls" - don't look down!
At Thirsty River, and the last boss!
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